Welcome to Elemental Float & Cryotherapy


Christine Hickey, Co-Founder, Elemental Float & Cryotherapy

Acting and performing have always been Christine’s passion. At the top of her career, she took a tumble off the stage that changed her life. No longer able to play a part in her own story, and hung up in a bed, she was unable to take the pain medications without feeling nauseous, anxious and jittery. Thankfully she was able to withstand the pain and avoid the dangers of dependency on narcotics.

Choosing to investigate natural healing, she began to focus on rejoining life by staying active and dieting to maintain a healthy weight and stave off discomfort. Floating and cryotherapy also became a ritual after researching the opinions and insights of doctors and health professionals around the globe. A body should stay upright and moving. After her own experience, Christine is genuinely excited to help people receive optimal healing – naturally – to regain balance, productivity and overall happiness after serious injury.

Melissa Nelson, Co-Founder, Elemental Float & Cryotherapy

After several years of juggling to achieve a healthy work/life balance as a busy mother and successful Advertising Executive, and managing all the stress and challenges of being successful at both, longtime Park Ridge resident, Melissa Nelson was seeking a better, more healthy way to thrive. An avid workout warrior - even daily trips to the gym - yoga, and dance classes were not enough to completely alleviate the stress she carried.

One day, she decided to give floating a chance, and never looked back . . . Melissa was so profoundly changed by the experience, that she decided to ply her business savvy and positive energy into the well-being of others in her community. Elemental Float & Cryotherapy was born. She is excited to bring some peace-of-mind to those with the weight of the world on their shoulders.